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New :- App

Available now to download from the App Store and Google Play Store Locate A Driver .....

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How will electric vehicles change the Logistics and distribution

How will electric vehicles change the Logistics and Distribution industry? The buzz word in the motor industry is electric and we are constantly informed as to the developments in the e .....

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The holidays are coming……..

Christmas is coming and along with it the Coca-Cola Christmas trucks. Every year the Coca-Cola Company continue a tradition which began in 1995 with a television advert showing the Chri .....

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UK Drivers

New Speeding Penalties for UK Drivers

UK Drivers face increased penalties for speeding and red light offences. Many drivers in the UK are unaware that the financial penalties for driving in excess of the speed limit and for .....

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Countdown to Driver CPC

Driver CPC 2nd anniversary for HGV Drivers

So the clock has been ticking away and how fast we are approaching the 2nd deadline for Driver CPC Training. Originally brought in as part of European legislation, the driver CPC has be .....

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IMG_4923 sponsoring Racing in Estoril

Estoril circuit was opened in June 1972 and hosted the first FIA Grand Prix  for Formula One in 1984. The golden age for Estoril lasted from 1984 to 1996 when the last Formula One Gran .....

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