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Everyone in the transport and logistics industry knows that matching driving jobs to the right drivers with the right skills can be a frustrating, time-consuming and costly headache. A limited supply of skilled drivers, tight delivery deadlines, geographical spread, diverse qualifications and lots of other factors add up to a major challenge.

As a result, transport managers, logistics managers and recruitment specialists alike are under immense pressure every working day.

But now, there’s a unique new solution.

Locateadriver.co.uk is a dedicated driving and logistics industry hub that makes everyone’s task simpler, more cost-efficient and a great deal more effective. Low-cost membership gives you full access to the pool of drivers and vacancies available across the UK, as well as unlimited posts on our dedicated driver jobs board. We’re completely independent and have no connections with or affiliations to any agencies or transport and logistics businesses. Quite simply, we’re making the process of hiring and supplying the right drivers faster, easier and far less stressful.

What drives us?

We think you’ve probably guessed already that Locateadriver.co.uk is the result of many years’ experience and stress in driver recruitment! Our two directors have over 60 years of combined experience in the field and it was their extensive insight and knowledge that inspired the creation of Locateadriver.co.uk as an industry hub. They understand the sector’s challenges and frustrations. They know the detail of legislation and compliance, driver classification, training and skills, inside out. And they saw that technology offers a great solution to the daily problems and pressures endured by so many.

Unique and proudly independent, Locateadriver.co.uk not only helps source the right skills, it also helps foster great relationships between agencies and customers. This faster, more effective process makes it easier to work together, build trust and get results. Everyone wins. That’s got to be good!


With a full platform to enable drivers to find a HGV Driving job or find a training provider for CPC Training, ADR Training or even to gain a HGV licence through a specialist HGV Training provider all at the click of a mouse (and even available on a smart phone) www.locateadriver.co.uk is a unique system for drivers in the UK.


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